Founded in 1995, COENCO emerged with the goal of improving the quality of life through works in the construction field with focus on basic sanitary, sewage and landfill.

Throughout these years, COENCO constantly sought improvement, consolidating our name in the market by being a company that invests in high-level machinery and equipment, but also by investing in human resources, through courses, training and motivational programs.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, whether in the public or private sector, we developed technical, economic and environmental solutions to perform works with primacy. To reach this, we have a trained and qualified team in their various areas, always facing constant improvement and increasing in their activities.

Coenco 's Commitment is permanently seek development through environmental processes that reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize impacts and disseminate the practices and concepts of responsibility and sustainability.

The economy model designed sets new paradigm for humanity's survival, through sustainable development. This is the long-term harmonic relationships capable of providing, equitably, growth and development, while ensuring physical and biological support of ecological systems.

All our initiatives aim to contribute to community life and this is possible with vaccination programs, hiring of skilled local labor force, trade promotion and awareness actions about preserving the environment, always with the aim of making a difference in communities in which we operate.


Build and engage with quality works and social-environmental responsibility, seeking customer satisfaction through valuing people and relationships.


Be reference in competitivity in every market we operate.


Invest in construction of buildings for classes A, B, C, D and E, establishing our brand in the market in this line of business in a competitive and qualified way.


The goal of our company is: Customer satisfaction through the standardization of business processes, seeking to improve the quality of the works, thus increasing productivity and competitiveness.