International Investments


According to the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (Unctad), Brazil climbed the ranks and left the 15th position to the 5th in the list of countries that receive foreign investments, followed by Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay.


The state of Paraíba lives today a new perspective on Real Estate investment, consolidating the local and international markets as a center for investment due to its potential in economic, financial, construction, tax and fiscal incentives areas. It is estimated that the construction industry is one of the locomotives of growth of the state generating more than 30,000 jobs and accounting for 14% of tax revenues.


João Pessoa is considered the most populous city in the state of Paraíba. Known as "Gate of the Sun" by being the easternmost point of the Americas. It has a tropical weather and warm waters and is recognized as one of the safest capitals in Brazil, besides being elected by the United Nations as the 2nd greenest capital in the world, where Paris places first.

The cleanliness of the streets and beaches is one of the features of João Pessoa. Here there are not frequent traffic jams because of the wide and well paved streets. The road network in the state is one of the best and well preserved of the Northeast. The streets and avenues of the city are well lit. Regarding public transportation, João Pessoa is one of the best and most efficient fleets in the country, covering the entire city.

Other attractions of the capital are: The natural pools of Picãozinho, a few minutes by boat, Areia Vermelha is an island that only appears at low tide mostly visited by tourists and locals, the sunset on Jacaré beach with the sound of Ravel's Bolero, the bulding Estação Ciência (Science Station), designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer which hosts exhibitions, conferences, theatrical and musical attractions, the Cabo Branco Lighthouse, where you have a wonderful view over the sea and the city. The historic city center is also a major attraction of João Pessoa.

The main reasons that led to the continuous growth of Paraíba were: dissemination of the city through tourism, lower investment costs, government subsidies, attractive offers for bank mortgages and increased profitability. It is also estimated that by 2014, the state will gain significant prominence in the Brazilian real estate market and internationally, because we know that the return is right and the differential is positive.

With entrepreneurial vision, COENCO inserted itself in this growth profile, developing several projects that cater to different consumer profiles, but with the same quality standards.

We put our broad know-how available to investors and can offer all safety and quality, ranging from the choice of professionals until the completion of the construction work.

With the credibility gained through the excellence of our services, we open the doors to a new challenge, capture and execution of private construction works with foreign capital.

Municipality of João Pessoa City